2019/2022 "Innovation and modernization of VD - Gabčíkovo locks"

2020 "Repair of cornices, gutters and roofing - SVB and NP house 1374 Prievidza"

2020 "Installation of the earthing of a steel structure using climbing equipment - Slovnaft Bratislava"

2021 "Rehabilitation and underlayment of bearings bridge 220 - D4R7" 2021 „Reconstruction of skylights in the building ANTEC, s.r.o. Considered "

2021 "Dismantling of the steel structure of the Gbely forces"

2021 "Grinding and remediation of cornices on bridges towards Nováky - Prievidza"

2021 "Rehabilitation of the Martin bypass bridge"

2021 "Painting of masts at Gabčíkovo substation"

2021 "Replacement and installation of advertising banners - bridges towards Nováky - Prievidza"

2021 "Rehabilitation and sealing of expansion joints NIDO 2 - Bratislava"

2021 „Rehabilitation, painting of aircraft markings, closing of flue pipes, repair of cast iron head, replacement of lightning conductors and replacement of aircraft lighting 140m KVARTET, a.s. - Partizánske "

2021 "Repair and installation of pipelines Xella Slovakia - Zemianske Kostoľany"

2021 „Installation of lightning conductors, remediation of chimneys 100m carbit plant Fortischem, a.s. "

2021 "Reconstruction of handling areas by Fortisch, a.s."